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Chain Components

for Chain Conveyors

Skilled Materials Handling's chain conveyors use specialised industrial chain assemblies that includes unique case-hardened drop-forged chain links. When these links are used in conjunction with Skilled Materials Handling's Connecting Pins and Circlips, they form a Chain Assembly that can withstand incredibly high breaking loads (standard links go up to 400 kN but non-standard links can exceed 1000 kN).

Chain Links

Part Number Item Pitch (mm) Breaking Load (kN)
CC-07-01 CC Chain Link (L10215) 102 150
CC-07-02 CC Chain Link (L14230) 142 300
CC-07-03 CC Chain Link (L14240) 60 10

Connecting Pins

Part Number Item Ø (mm) To Suit
CC-08-01 CC Connecting Pin (P10215) 16 CC-07-01
CC-08-02 CC Connecting Pin (P14230) 25 CC-07-02
CC-08-03 CC Connecting Pin (P14240) 25 CC-07-03


Part Number Item Thk (mm) To Suit
CC-09-01 CC Circlip (C16) 3 CC-08-01
CC-09-02 CC Circlip (C25) 5 CC-08-02