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Idler Wheels

for Chain Conveyors

Skilled Materials Handling's Idler Wheels are manufactured from case-hardened steel billets. The center groove in the idler helps center the chain as it rotates around.These Idler Wheels are commonly used at the tail end of a chain conveyor, but can also be utilised as as a centenary idler in the drive end.

Part Number Item OD (mm) Thk (mm)
CC-02-01 Ø200 x 50 Idler Wheel 200 50
CC-02-02 Ø200 x 60 Idler Wheel 200 60
CC-02-03 Ø270 x 50 Idler Wheel 270 50
CC-02-04 Ø270 x 60 Idler Wheel 270 60
CC-02-05 Ø345 x 50 Idler Wheel 345 50
CC-02-06 Ø345 x 60 Idler Wheel 345 60